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www.gmail.com login

How to Sign in on Gmail

www.gmail.com login – How to Sign in or Create Account on Gmail

About www.Gmail.com:

Google mail, which is widely popular under the name of ‘Gmail” is a internet-based email account that works on the address www.gmail.com in which people can store the emails rather than storing them on the their computer’s harddrive. Why? Because, we can’t always have enough space or access to download all the emails to the computer and a web-based email is relatively more flexible when compared with this rigid option. Through gmail.com, you can access emails not only from your computer but also from any computer with an internet access. This way, when you are in premises without your own computer, you still can have a chance of reading the mails. Imagine yourself stuck in a really unavoidable situation and not able to come out of it. This is where www.gmail.com comes to your rescue to be used at places like internet cafes in the past and now, smartphones.
how to sign in on www.gmail.com

What is Gmail?

If you’re looking forward to create a new email address for certain social/commercial/industrial/personal purposes to exchange males, to use it as identification prospect for other social media platforms, www.gmail.com is made only for you. Gmail.com offers you better user name, enhanced storage of emails than your hard drive and the newly added precise filter where your messages are sorted out in labels. A single gmail.com account provides you with all of these. You can use it to access, read and perform various actions on your existing email accounts and get profited from its junk. You can use it to move unwanted emails to the trash can.
You can use it archive past mails. You can use it to backup your files using Google Drive. You can also use it as a simple and plain email account. There were times when gmail.com login or registration could be done only through the gmail.com invitations from people who have a verified gmail.com account. Times have changed that, it is no longer mandatory to receive an invitation. There are no any restrictions on gmail.com login and a gmail.com account can be created either by creating a new Google account or with an already existing Google account. In this article, we will talk about the registration process along with few features that Gmail.com has in store with you.

What is needed to create www.gmail.com account?

The only thing that you need to create a gmail.com account is a computer with a sophisticated internet access. A smartphone is also needed in case you want to get verified in the first stage of account creation that the Google will send you a verification code to your phone which you have to enter in order to proceed to the next stage of installation. The gmail.com signin is a simple procedure and requires few minutes in order to create a gmail.com account and can be done with an ease.

Gmail.com specifications:

Gmail.com is the topper of the class when talking about specifications and features. Among many other unique features of Gmail.com, the best one is the recently added integrated option that allows you to video chat known as Hangouts. Through Hangouts, you can chat with around nine people at a time by sharing videos, using video overlays like halos, pirate hats and crowns. Using Gmail.com, you can hangout with anyone on your contact list whom you have added before. The only thing you should make sure is that both of you have hangouts set on your computers with respective webcams. Apart from this, there are also other social applications you can access using Google+ platform. And a gmail account login is what you needed for this. Apart from this, one can send instant messages using chat option from inbox and also can make phone calls.
Gmail.com is one of those amazing web-accounts where you don’t have to download an instant messanger. You can just do a www.gmail.com login from your internet enabled computer or mobile. For smartphones these days, apps are available for both android. iOs and other kind of softwares which navigates you to your account with an ease. You can also download a notifier if you’re using www.gmail.com on your computer’s we browser. This notifier will give you a message pop-up in case you want to take a little break after sitting before the screen for a long time. Thanks to the unique themes provided by Google for www.gmail.com interface that you can customize your email with favorite themes and pictures. You can also customize background, labels, folders and colors to suit your test. However, Google Reader is disabled from www.gmail.com and to use this, you have to use a RSS feed service.

Gmail.com features:

  • Composition tools: Gmail.com offers you an inbox storage of around 15GB. This may not be the highest storage amount offered and is definitely at the top of the rankings when compared with other email accounts, but it have access to brand new cloud storage through Google Drive where you can have a large sum storage. Google Docs which used to be there is now merged and blended into Google Drive. So, whenever you upload a spreadsheet, text document, you can open and edit it using Google Drive. This comes handy when you have to complete a school/college/work project and when you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Through this, you can actually share the file with multiple members instead of mailing to all of them, individually. Interestingly, Gmail.com is available in all languages coming from Arabic to Vietnamese. Apart from this, the conversation interface is the most explicit feature one can experience which makes it the best email organization on internet. Instead of mailing back and forth on constant basis to have a conversation or to send files, you can share files on your Google Drive with them and talk to them through instant messaging. Even the sent messages and the received messages are filtered in one line  with the number of messages bracketed beside the user name. In cases, where your contact has uploaded a kind of headshot, it is also displayed in the conversation. Additional to these, you can sort your conversations by recipient, words, subject, sender and give colored labels just like that you do in a kitchen.
  • Security: Best thing about Gmail.com’s security is that it includes virus, spam and phishing protection. All the spam is sorted out in a separate folder under the name, ‘Spam’ which allows you to distinguish the waste from the quality mails. You can also mark a conversation as spam. All the messages are scanned for viruses and anything which appears to be suspicious like a phishing scam are flagged. You can report to Google to avoid receiving such mails in future. It restricts automatic downloads as the content might turn out infected at times and also blocks images to make it visually acute. Therefore, the protection is top-notch. But the strength of the filters can’t be adjusted which is a drawback for www.gmail.com. Your contacts are safe as Gmail.com uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to keep your contacts highly confidential with encrypted and authenticiated communication keeping your accounts safe. HTTPS is the very same technology that is used in credit card companies and banks keeping their transactions secure.
  • Help and Support: The mail service offers you multiple support options including FAQs and forums. You can unearth an answer for any question and you can submit it to the support team of www.gmail.com. 

Procedure to Sign In -Create gmail Account & Login:

Here is the procedure to Sign in on Gmail.com for free without facing any trouble :) keep visiting for more such posts.
www.gmail.com login
www.gmail.com login
The first and foremost thing you have to do in order to start with www.gmail.com sign in is to visit the Google home page. After visiting the home page, go to the top right corner and click on the Gmail option that is available on the top. Once you have pressed that button, you will be directed to the www.gmail.com page. On this home screen, you can find a “Sign in” section towards the right side of the page. If you don’t have Google account prior to this, you should start by creating one. For this, Click on the “Create an account” button on the bottom. If you already have an account, fill in the respective details and click “Sign in”. This is how you do a gmail log in. To create a new account, you need to fill few details like First name, Last name and an unique username that adresses you right before the “@gmail.com”. Google checks with the availability and provides you with some other usernames in case if your name is already taken. You can either accept one of those or enter some name again. Ensure that you have read and agreed to the “Terms and Conditions” by clicking the box beside “I agree”.
Once you’re done with this, click next step. You should decide a password on your own to securely make a gmail login into your account. Having a combination of numbers and letters will make it strong to guess. Re enter it and deal with the CAPTCHA code that is available at the last bottom. You can either do it or go for a mobile verification as explained above. After being done with the mobile verification and moving to the next step, it will take you to the “Create Profile” pop-up or page. The profile page contains a picture section where you can upload your picture in order to strengthen your identity. If you don’t want it on the web, you can skip it and complete setting the mail.  You can add the profile picture by simply clicking on “Add profile photo” and by browsing the desired picture on your computer and selecting it. Coming to the end, click next to set up your account and you will be directed to your inbox straight away. Once after you create a gmail account login, you can access, open, read, reply, delete, sort all the messages you receive accordingly. To directly make a gmail account login just visit the www.gmail.com homepage and enter your username and password. Click ‘Sign in’ to get into your mail.

Gmail.com sign out:

In order to sign out from Gmail.com account using web browser, go to the type right corner of the display screen. Click on the email address or the photo. You will get a popup. From the popup, click on the “Sign Out” button. If you are using a phone, go to mail.google.com. At the top and the bottom you will have the email address. Go to the bottom one and click on it. A popup appears giving you an option to “Sign out of all accounts”. Select it to sign out. In cases where you login to Gmail account and forgot signing out from it like by accessing it from a public computer or friend’s computer, you can sign out using a different computer. To do this, first login to the gmail like you normally do. Scroll to the bottom right to the display, where you find “Details”. Click on it to get a “Sign out of all other devices” option. This will log you out from every other active gmail session that’s working across the world. Now, make a secure login again.


Now that we know all the features of gmail along with it’s social connectivity provided on Google+ platform, Google Drive feature which is an integration of so many services and products; the only complaint is that we end up using it often for anything and everything. Also, it replaces the human proximity of meeting in person. Apart from using it for the basic emailing service, you can also use it as a free MP3 player, as a free online file converter, online storage, identity, open ID, and also to play games like Snakey. What are you waiting for? Create a gmail account and enjoy all its privileges.
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